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About Us

Houston Nanny is home to Morningside Nannies, Houston’s best nanny agency. Morningside Nannies is dedicated to helping Houston area parents find the right nanny for their family.

Since 1992, Morningside Nannies has been helping Houston area nannies find qualified childcare providers. As an award-winning full-service in-home childcare referral agency, Morningside Nannies strives to help Houston area parents meet their childcare needs.

Morningside Nannies is the 2008 Association of Professional Nanny Agencies award recipient and a GTM Legacy Agency. Our agency holds membership on both the Association of Professional Nanny Agencies (APNA) and the International Nanny Association (INA).


Michelle LaRowe is the executive director of Morningside Nannies and has spent more than half of her life in the nanny industry. As an award-winning nanny, published parenting author and past executive director of the International Nanny Association, Michelle uses her knowledge and industry knowhow to inspire caregivers to be the best they can be.