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Corporate Childcare Solutions

Over 50 percent of families consist of two working parents and for these families, managing kids and careers can be challenging. To help meet the childcare needs of Houston area working parents, Morningside Nannies partner with local businesses to offer childcare discounts to their employees.

Through our Corporate Childcare Solution program, we partner with local businesses to extend discounts to their employees. These discounts reduce the fees associated with securing a qualified, full or part-time in-home childcare provider through Morningside Nannies,

How it Works

1. Register Your Family with Morningside Nannies »

2. Receive an Employee Discount Code

3. Relax! A Childcare Provider is on the Way

When your employees request a childcare provider using your discount code, they’ll save a percentage off of our agency placement fees.

Back-Up Care

When the typical childcare arrangement of working parents falls through, everybody suffers. Employees struggle to find last minute back-up childcare and when they can’t they are forced to miss work. This absenteeism is credited to costing U.S. companies billions of dollars each year.

Through our Corporate Childcare Solutions program, Morningside Nannies partners with Houston area businesses to provide their employees access to qualified, prescreened back-up childcare providers. Through our employer sponsored care program, Houston companies can offer their benefit-eligible employees discounts on fees associated with securing a back-up in-home childcare provider through Morningside Nannies.

Contact a Morningside Nannies placement specialist today at (713) 526-3989 to receive an employer discount code and to set up employer sponsored backup care for your employees today.