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Interview Process

At Morningside Nannies, our clients depend on us to do their caregiver screening for them. In addition to completing a lengthy application, our placement specialists meet with all applicants in our office for an in-person interview.

During the interview, our placement specialists will be looking to understand why you want to be a temporary nanny or sitter, your experience and your qualifications. They’ll want to know about your childcare experiences, educational background and what made you decide to enter the world of in-home childcare.

During the interview you can also expect to work with a placement specialist to create a timeline of your complete work history. You’ll need to be able to recount all of your past work experiences, including both childcare and nonrelated childcare jobs. You’ll also need to be prepared to explain any gaps in your employment timeline.

All of our applicants must take a written healthy and safety exam that is administered during the interview. Our placement specialist will go over your answers with you to learn why you’ve selected the answers you have chosen.

Our placement specialists will also want to know that you have an understanding of basic childcare knowledge and best childcare practices. You’ll be asked a series of questions related to child development, health, safety and discipline that you’ll be expected to answer. You also will be expected to articulate your discipline style and share what you to feel age-appropriate activities for children of various ages.

During the interview, our placement specialist will ask you about your previous caregiving positions. They’ll want to know what your responsibilities were, how you spent your days and why the position ended.

As part of the interview process, information with regards to employment taxes will be discussed and all candidates must sign a background screening authorization to move forward in the application process.

After the interview our placement specialists will contact your references. You should make your references aware that someone from our agency will be contacting them and encourage them to respond promptly so we can move you through the screening process.

The application and interview process typically takes two hours. Depending on how quick your references respond to our requests, we can typically process and activate suitable applicants in one to three weeks.