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Temp Nanny Rates

Many factors go into determining a nanny’s hourly wage rate. Experience, educational level, geographical location and any specialized skills impact a caregiver’s earning potential. The duties and responsibilities required of the caregiver will also impact the hourly wage rate. For example, a nanny who is required to take on non-childcare related household tasks will be compensated more than one who does not.

According to the 2013 International Nanny Association Nanny Salary & Benefits Survey, the median hourly wage for nannies in the United States is $16 per hour. In the Houston area, the hourly wage rate ranges from $13 to $20 or more per hour, with highly trained and experienced nannies, certified teachers, and newborn care specialists being the highest wage earners.

Most of our nannies charge an hourly rate of $13 to $16 gross per hour.

Nannies with many years of professional nanny experience, college degrees or specialized training or certifications command higher hourly rates, typically from $15 to $22 gross per hour.

Newborn care specialists charge $20 to $35 or more gross per hour.

Our agency does not set the caregiver’s hourly wage rates. While we encourage our caregivers to determine a fair market value and provide them with guidance on how to do so, each caregiver sets her own hourly wage rate. All of our nannies require at minimum, a four hour per day commitment.

When requesting childcare your placement specialist will ask you what hourly wage range you are willing to pay and will work to find caregivers to refer you to who are within your hourly wage range.

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