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Sitter Rates

Having access to trusted caregivers who can step in to provide childcare is essential. Whether you need a caregiver to enjoy a romantic evening on the town or a babysitter to step in and provide childcare for a mildly ill child so that you don’t miss a must attend work meeting, Morningside Nannies can serve as your childcare safety net.

All of the sitters we refer to Houston families are qualified, prescreened and well-referenced caregivers with previous childcare experience. All sitters undergo our rigorous pre-employment screening process including an in office interview, reference and background check.

Our sitters arrive at your home ready to engage your children. You can expect our sitters to facilitate age-appropriate activities and to provide attentive, quality care while you are away.

While Morningside Nannies doesn’t set our sitter’s hourly wage rates, most sitters charge between $15 and $18 gross per hour. Seasoned nannies who accept babysitting assignments and sitters with extensive experience and education typically charge higher hourly rates.

When requesting a sitter, your placement specialist will ask you what hourly wage range you are willing to pay and will work to find sitters to refer you to who are within your hourly wage range.

All of our sitters must be booked for a minimum of four hours. If care is required for less than four hours, our sitters are still entitled to four hours of pay.

Booking a sitter through Morningside Nannies is easy.

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