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Standard Benefits

We will only accept split shift positions that guarantee 40 hours per week. To ensure families have the flexibility they need and to ensure nannies are not being asked for full-time availability for part-time pay, we have found this parameter to be essential for a successful long-term placement.

We will only accept part-time positions with consistent schedules. Because we only represent experienced caregivers and do not have entry level providers, those who are seeking part-time positions are most often seeking positions to complement their other commitments. For this reason, we will only accept part-time jobs that are set days and hours and jobs that offer only morning hours or only afternoon hours.

We will only accept part-time positions that have a four-hour minimum shift per day. While after school nannies are in demand, the jobs that successfully place offer 4 hours per day, 5 days per week for a 20 hour per week minimum guarantee.

We will only accept full-time positions that offer industry standard benefits. While you are not legally required to offer benefits, to attract and retain quality nannies and to remain competitive, standard benefits must be offered. Full-time nannies that we successfully place typically expect their offer package to include two weeks of paid vacation, guaranteed hours, paid vacation days, paid holidays, paid sick days and mileage reimbursement for on the job driving when the nanny is using her own vehicle. We are unable to accept positions that do not offer these minimums.

We will only accept positions that do not include deep cleaning or pet care. Our candidates are childcare providers. They take on all tasks related to the children including cleaning and organizing the children’s rooms, preparing the children’s meals and cleaning up afterwards, and doing the children’s laundry. The general rule of thumb for general areas of the home is the nanny will leave the home in the same or better condition as when she arrived. Our clients and nannies are most satisfied when a housekeeper comes into the home once a week or once every two weeks to deep clean, and a dog walker to provide services for families whose pets require more than being let in and out of the home daily.

We will only accept legally paying jobs that offer a minimum of $20 gross per hour. We educate both our nannies and families on the importance of fair and legal pay. Our jobs typically place between $22-26 per hour. Part-time jobs tend to have a higher hourly wage expectation than full-time jobs.

We will only accept jobs in our immediate service area. This extends from Conroe to Sienna Plantation and from Katy to the 610.